Winter essentials for new parents

As it gets colder it’s very important to prepare your little one and yourself for the weather, especially when out and about. Here are some top winter essentials all new parents should be aware of!


winter essentials



For breastfeeding mums, winter can be particularly tricky when you’re out and about. A great solution can be to make sure you have a zip up hoodie, so you can easily zip it up and down, or keep it partially fastened. Another option would be to keep a cosy blanket with you to cover both yourself and your baby to protect you from colder temperatures.



Layers are really important for your baby in the winter, both at night and during the day. Layering up with warm, but easily removable clothing is a great way to regulate your baby’s temperature when moving between different temperatures, such as outside to inside. Don’t be afraid to keep taking layers off and putting them back on as needed.



You might be very concerned about remembering all the little things to help keep your little one warm, but don’t forget to keep some gloves handy for when you’re about and about with a pushchair! Your hands will have to stay out in the cold air for long periods of time, so make sure you look after them.


Extra socks and mittens

It’s so important to keep those little fingers and toes warm, and we all know that babies are experts at wriggling their way out of mittens and socks. Don’t forget to pack extras wherever you might need them, so you’re not caught off guard! Changing bag, pram, the car.