Winter inspired baby names

Trying to find the perfect winter inspired baby names for your little one born in the coldest months? We’ve got some great suggestions for you – some you may have heard before, and hopefully some new ideas too!


winter inspired baby names



Aspen calls to mind images of snow-capped trees and mountains, perfect for a little one born in winter.


Along the same lines, Fraser is another wintery fir tree inspired name. Deriving from the French for ‘strawberry’, this is such a sweet name!


A beautiful but simple homage to the cold winter month.


This one is a little more festive, literally meaning ‘day of Christ’s birth’. Could be feminised as above, or spelled Noel for a boy.


A beautiful traditional Welsh name that translates to ‘white footprint’. This would be a stunning name to conjure up images of cold winter’s days.


Hearing this name will instantly transport you to icy, cold mountains. A beautiful name!


Another tree inspired name, like the Douglas fir, but a subtle reference to the winter season. This name comes from the Scottish for ‘dark river’.


This beautiful precious stone inspired name is the birthstone of babies born in February. A lovely nod to their winter birth date!


Taken from the beautiful emerald plant, this is another lovely wintery nature inspired name.


This name means ‘snow’ – perfect for winter babies. Can also be spelled in the traditional Irish manner as Niamh.


Deriving from the Latin for ‘white’, this is another snowy evocative name. 


Robin birds are an iconic staple of a British winter, making this unisex name a perfect nod to the season!


Another bird name, but perhaps one a little more subtle (or to compliment Robin), is Wren – another quintessentially wintery name.


Popularised in recent years by celebrities such as Kim and Kanye, North is a lovely homage to the cold climates of the Northern hemisphere.


This is another nature inspired name, meaning ‘laurel tree’ that gives us winter vibes. Also perfect if you’ve spent this winter obsessed with Netflix’s Bridgerton like the rest of us!


This beautiful traditionally Scottish name means ‘windy place’ and brings to mind images of a cold, stormy British winter.

Let us know what you thought of these names, or if you’ve got any ideas of your own winter inspired baby names!