Women prefer summer babies

Who wouldn’t want a summer baby? – Picnics in the park, strolls down the lane, tea and cake in the sun… come on!

A new survey by family planning brand Clearblue, June was named the most popular month for women to have babies – mums preferring a warm maternity leave.

November is the month least popular amongst mums-to-be; having a baby in winter is restrictive in terms of new-born activities. Being caged inside with a new baby, thanks to shoddy weather, is not all that much fun. It’s nice to have the ‘outside’ option. Sun is also an amazing mood lifter, which is important when you’re stuck at home coming to grips with a newborn!

In fact, half of the women surveyed would like to have more influence over the time of year when their baby is born, so they could aim for their preferred month.

Are we a nation of control freaks? A nation of compulsive planners?

If you ask me, the luck-of-the-draw month issue when it comes to having a baby is part of the fun – this coming from the women who in no way could wait nine months to find out the sex of her baby!

Here’s an fyi – in this modern day and age, couples are in fact able to plan pregnancy down to the day they conceive and the month their baby will be due. If that’s how you prefer to do things! Just spend some time on Google and you’ll find products and experts to help your cause.

Did you plan your baby’s birth month?