Word association with ‘ mother ’

If you think about the word ‘ mother ’, what’s the first word that pops into your mind? For me, without thinking too hard, the words; ‘complicated’, ‘crazy’, ‘warm’ and ‘home’ spew out first – has subconscious thoughts undoubtedly inspired by my role as both mother and daughter.

Word association with ‘mother’

YouTube channel Cut Video asked girls and women ranging from ages 5 to 50 what the word ‘mother’ means to them, in a game of word association. The resulting synopsis is a tear-jerker (check it out – à la stream of consciousness):

Mommy; takes good care of me; pretty; mine; inspired; works hard; caring; nice; does a lot for me; laughter; supportive; hero; strongest person I know; proud to finally be it; I look up to her; sometimes mean; family; she wants the best for me; superwoman; sacrifice; rock; loving; patient; role model; friend; best friend; strength; best in the whole world; got your back; frustrating; friend; unconditional love; amazing; supportive; fun; beauty; blessing; meaning of life; devoted.

After watching the video, I started to think about what I would wish my children to say about me (strong, fun, loving, supportive, laughter) and was reaffirmed in not only the type of mum I want to be but how important motherhood is – how it shapes and directs the little lives over which it reigns. What a gift! What a responsibility.