The World’s First Football Ball Match Played by Foetuses

If you’re wondering when is the best time to get your kids involved in extra-mural activities, this latest ad campaign is bound to get you going sooner than you’d imagine – with the first ever football match played by unborn sports star hopefuls…

pregnant ladies

A professional soccer team in Venezuela recently released a marketing video called “Little Kicks,” in which 10 babes in-utero take part in the first virtual soccer match of its kind.

Their mums, all in the 28th week of pregnancy – the time when little ones really get moving – were split into two teams. Next, motion sensors were attached to their bellies to monitor kicks, and the movements then converted into soccer plays using simulation software.

With every baby’s punt played out on the virtual pitch, the future soccer mums (and dads) were able to get a taste of the irresistible excitement involved in watching their child take part in competitive sport.

While the obvious goal of the Estudiantes De Caracas video was part of a marketing campaign to encourage parents to enrol their tots in the soccer academy, beefing up the next generation of star footballers, its heart-warming message is also about exposing your children to opportunities from early on – because you never know what they might go on to achieve.