The world’s worst baby names revealed

Choosing a baby name can be hard work, especially when you have not yet met the little person to whom the name will belong. Sometimes it’s good to take a break and consider some names that you would never in a million years name your baby…and then ponder the fact that some people did.

The world’s worst baby names revealed

A new thread on Reddit asked users to submit the worst names that they had ever come across and in just 24 hours, 18,000 comments had been posted. The Daily Mail compiled a list of the ten worst names:

1. Obamaniqua (defined by Urban Dictionary as: ‘A ghetto-fabulous African-American that loves president Barrack Obama.
2. I’munique
3. Boy Boy
4. Hellzel
5. Abstinence
6. Britney Shakira Beyonce (and apparently they are used all at once)
7. Vejonica (a mix of John and Veronica)
8. Gennah Tyles (genitals – anyone?)
9. Mazen (because birth was ‘amazing’)
10. Like

What’s the worst baby name you’ve ever heard?

Source: Dailymail.co.uk – “Who would call their child AIRWRECKA? The worst baby names in the world revealed… including Lucifer, I’munique!