Would you change your baby’s nappy at the restaurant table?

Did y’all read about the mum who changed her baby’s nappy at the table in a restaurant in Texas USA, and was then booted out the restaurant.

Would you change your baby’s nappy at the restaurant table?

The story goes: there were no changing tables in the restroom so mum Miranda Sowers, not wanting to drag her other two children (8 and 4) to the car for a nappy changing session just “quickly and quietly” popped babs down on the chair (on a changing pad) and put on a new nappy. Customers complained (the nappy smelt!) and Sowers was asked to leave the restaurant, which she did. She subsequently filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

Most of the comments attached to the news stories I have read agree with the restaurant (parents and all); a dirty nappy mid-dinner is unpleasant not to mention unhygienic.

It seems fair to say that if you make the choice to haul your brood along to a restaurant that is not entirely family friendly, then you have to bear the consequences of that decision; if there’s no nappy changing table the car is the obvious choice. And if there’s no car involved and if you’ve got a changing mat, the floor in the bathroom or even the toilet seat (if babs is small enough) is another option. I know some parents are cringing but I’ve done this loads – living in London, sometimes it’s literally the only option.

There are rules of common sense that one has to use when taking a baby out and about (what you do at home is not always okay in public). Come prepared, is my motto – changing mat; it goes wherever I go.

What do you think? Was the restaurant unreasonable? Was Miranda Sower right to lodge a complaint? Would you change your baby’s nappy in a restaurant?

Source: Huffingtonpost.com – “Miranda Sowers, Texas Mom, Tossed Out Of Restaurant For Changing Baby’s Diaper At Table” (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/08/11/miranda-sowers-changing-baby_n_5667335.html)