Would you hire a professional birth photographer?

The latest ‘pregnancy-related trend’ to hit the UK is birth photography – as in professional photos taken during labour and after, documenting the experience.


Anyone who has given birth will most likely be uttering expletives at the thought of an extra person witnessing the very… unflattering… act of birthing a child. But here’s a thought: the perfect moment when you hold your new baby for the first time, the moment that you could’ve had on file but don’t because you were worried about how terrible you’d look after a million hours of labour, exists only in your mind as an all too fallible memory.

It’s moments like these that birth photographers aim to capture; the moment you first see your baby, dad’s expectant face, the first time your baby breathes – it’s not like the photographer is waiting poised at ‘the business end’ for babs to pop out in a rush of blood and agony.

Rather, it’s about taking the photos that dad would take but with a better camera and more skill.

Maybe the photos won’t all be picture-pretty – birth is not pretty. But it’s real and it’s beautiful because it is a testament to life. And it is something to be proud of. It’s a journey worth documenting – not for the sake of social media but for you, your family, your child. Right?

That’s not to say that I would hire a birth photographer – I’d feel totally embarrassed and self-conscious to the point that my self-awareness (something that is usually lost in the throes of labour) would ruin the first moments I have with my new baby – at least, that’s what I think.

But I do get it; why some couples would hire a birth photographer. And if you visit Birthphotographers.com and look at some of the photos (also seen HERE), you might consider hiring one yourself – the pics really are tasteful and quite stunning. So don’t shun the idea!

Would you hire a professional birth photographer?