Xpanda Bra – an adjustable maternity nursing bra

Pregnancy is characterised by ever-changing breast size – it’s frustrating! Just when you’ve been fitted for one maternity bra, you already need a new one.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll try and squash yourself into the one you’ve just paid money for – out of principle and because you didn’t budget for a million bras.

But it’s a very uncomfortable way to make a point; especially when you’re only making the point to yourself.

Enter the Xpanda Bra; a new maternity cotton nursing bra with individual adjustable cup sizes so that your bra continues to fit your body changes during and after pregnancy, especially when breastfeeding. In effect, it’s two bra sizes in one. Features include:

  • Individual cup adjustment to accommodate fluctuation in the breast – when one cup is adjusted the other continues to support even in a different size.
  • Ideal with the use of nursing pads and breast shells when that extra space is required.
  • 2 layer 100% cotton cups, providing breathable comfort and support for every size.
  • Perfect support and fit with soft adjustable shoulder straps.
  • 3 hook and eye fasteners at rear, accommodating your changing body size.
  • Wireless, but has underwire level support.

Bra sizes include B/C, C/D, D/DD, DD/E, E/F, F/G, G/GG, GG/H.

Who else is a sucker for two-in-one deals?

For more info on the product and to purchase, visit Xpandabra.com.