Year of the Pig: What the Chinese Zodiac Says for Your Baby

According to Chinese astrology, it’s not just the birth month that shapes personality, but the year of birth, too. Find out what the Year of the Pig holds for your 2019 baby.

Piglet on spring green grass on a farm

February 5 marked the start of the Year of the Pig, taking over from the Year of the Dog. The Pig zodiac sign comes to the fore every 12 years, making it the astrological influencer for those born in 2019, 2007, 1995, 1983, etc.

According to the zodiac lore, the Pig symbolises—somewhat expectedly—good fortune, and wealth.

As far as personality traits go, those who enter the world under the porcine sign are bound to be easygoing, friendly, and generous—although overindulgence is a flip-side possibility, too.

Pigs love people, but can also rely too much on those around them, emphasising their proclivity for laziness. On the other hand, their magnanimous nature makes them empathetic confidants, who are sincere and trustworthy.

A caveat for parents of little Piggies: they can be quick to lavish resources on things not necessarily worthy. This includes activities, and friends. They need guidance on learning how to discern what (or who) is worth a commitment.

Chinese astrologers emphasise the importance of a baby name to help balance out the weaknesses inherent in a birth sign. The Year of the Pig is low in fire and metal, so a moniker that links up to these elements is recommended (think Blaise, Phoenix, Flint, etc.).

Via ParentMap.com