You’re pregnant! The top five things to put on your ‘to-do’ pregnancy list

I remember finding out I was  I was pregnant the first time: it wasn’t planned but I suspected I was  preggers (and had been telling my husband so for about a week) so we did  a home-test… and I remember telling him it was positive.

He sat on the couch for about ten minutes in shell-shocked silence – not a bad silence, just… shell-shocked.


Then there was excitement. A weary kind (it’s always about money isn’t it? – We just didn’t feel financially ready for the costs of a baby) but excitement nonetheless.

And then we had to figure out what to do…

Who to tell, when to start saving, where to live?  But there are some things that seem to take precedence over all on those initial moments:

  1. When are you due? There are loads of ‘due date calculators’ online and it’s finding out the date that your babs is going to make his/her grand entrance (although it rarely happens on the exact day) is brilliant, and also seems to make the whole pregnancy thing a bit more real.
  2. Book your first antenatal appointment. You’ll need to call your GP and also choose a hospital to care for you during your pregnancy. Some hospitals require a GP reference and others offer a self-referral service.
  3. Decide who to tell and when. Some women wait until after the first trimester to share the news (the risk of miscarriage drops after 12 weeks) and others share the news immediately. Also think about how you’ll let loved ones know, and the elephant in the room: when to tell your work!
  4. Sign up for free pregnancy newsletter updates: getting week-by-week updates on how your pregnancy is progressing is something to look forward to as the days fly by – reading up on how your body is changing and how your baby is developing, with the easy click of a button, is all part of the pregnancy fun.
  5. Ditch the dirt: if there are lifestyle changes you’re going to need to make to suit your pregnancy, sooner rather than later is the best option – smoking, drinking, mouldy cheese, caffeine overdose… find a reliable online source ( and confirm with your GP or midwife. It’s all worth it in the end!

After these initial thoughts and actions, you’ll start thinking about baby names, work out your finances, and probably pick up a couple of parenting books. All in good time.

But know this: pregnancy will pass at the rate of knots and before you know it you’ll be holding a precious bundle in your arms not knowing what to do in spite of all your research and planning. It’s an overwhelming, awe-inspiring, thrilling feeling.

What was the first thing you did when you found out you were pregnant?